DAY 10: Productive Day at Sea "16:06.16N 48:07.38W"

Lee and Andrew
Fri 7 Dec 2012 12:33
With light to non existent winds for the majority of the day the fellows took to sending AB up the mast again to retrieve the halyard  and retrieve the top swivel and set about rechecking and removing another batten from the main, while Lee attacked the inside right down to digging out the vacuum cleaner. With sail wardrobe almost restored – don't have a sewing machine on-board to stitch up the A3 – every one was feeling pretty impressed. Even better we also got to dig out the Code 0 for a short time and put it away without any damage!
To make the most of the calmer conditions we decided a BBQ was in order and set to cooking up some steaks with a good Aussie Shiraz as an early celebration for Darbs birthday which is actually Saturday.
Highlight of the day was around 5pm when a small whale breached several times beside the boat. Unfortunately by the time we grabbed the cameras he was over playing and settled into swimming in our wake for about twenty minutes.
With just over 2000 miles covered were doing our best to get Pete into port for his 34th wedding celebration as he hasn’t missed one with Sue yet.
Wind's have been variable for the last 24 hrs so we have motored and or sailed with Jib or code zero and full main on and off in between the rain and squalls
Roll on St Lucia.

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