Day 4 - The Art of Sleeping "23:54.89N 29:18.77W"

Lee and Andrew
Sat 1 Dec 2012 09:46
DAY 4:
Sleep suddenly takes on a whole new level of importance when your on four hour shifts and nothing stays still. Our third cabin is set up for passage making and works well with the bunks and lee cloth but the second rear cabin we knew would present a challenge. So unless you have the grip of a gecko or the reflexes of a startled cat and can propel your leg at the right moment whilst asleep then the safest and most comfortable option has proved to be to wedge oneself between the bed and the wall on a mattress. Then no matter how much we roll you have a chance of sleep!
We have developed some games to keep ourselves amused one is to calculate the exact time we cover 640nm each time, that is the distance of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. After 3 Days and 20 mins we covered the first 640nm only three and a bit more S –H to go.
Another mile stone for Katherine was that she has now covered 4000nm since launching in April this year so she will have covered almost 6000 before we get to the other side.
Last night Pete made his chicken surprise which was magnificent, was a baked dish with Chicken, Mushrooms and Potato in a sauce made from his secret ingredients, we know there was chorizo, tomato, peppers etc. but the rest must remain the secret of the chef.
All going well so far, we keep looking at the main sail and thinking of a way to get it back up there but it is not likely to go back unless things change and we get a lull in the breeze and can fabricate a good fix, at this stage we are still making good time without it.
Will post some photos soon but having some problems getting the Sat PC to read the USB stick