Day 2

Tue 6 Nov 2012 12:12
Hello Everyone!

We left Gibraltar yesterday at about 10.00 am and had a bit of a
stop-start-stop-start due to light winds but we have now got the wind that
we were expecting and are well on our way! 20/25 knots on the port quarter
it's a little rolly but not too bad

Our position at 12.00 today is 34.17.8N 7.50.9W and we have done 190 in the
last 24 hours. The weather has been a bit miserable and we have had lots of
rain but it is clearing up now hopefully!

Our Movember competition is coming along slowly Dan is currently winning I
think( he told me to say that : ) ) and young Matt is struggling! Andy came
up with a good motivational statement for us 'By the time we cross the
Atlantic our tash's will be fantastic!'

Yesterday Andy caught what he thought was a small whale which actually
turned out to be a small tadpole, Dan threw it straight back in to Andy's

Everything is going well so far and we are all looking forward getting some