The 20th Day of November, 2012

Tue 20 Nov 2012 16:41
With the Smiles as Warm as the Mid-Atlantic Sun,
Hello, Hello, Hellooooo and Good Day to All,

The warm smiles is because everyone is now slathered with gobs and gobs of
sunscreen. Forgotten is the storm of three days past. We have used all the
Norwegian steam power available to give us a full mainsail and the
spinnaker. The Spinnaker is up and down. Up and down. LOL, Due to squalls in
the vicinity of Infiniti (yes corny, I know. But? I couldn't help
myself)LOL, We are now quietly making six to seven knots on calm rolling
seas. Did I tell everyone yet that this is the Birthday of the little
Englishman, Ellis Briggs? While maybe not his formal birthday but one his
Dad is proud of at three months old today. Since I'm his Uncle and I am
still allowed to write the blog.. Happy Birthday Ellis! Ever since the sun
has come out, the dolphins are quite friendly. They come and go often.
Speaking of fish.. Sort of, Ever hear a good fishing story? Let me tell
you the story of the Great Great Dan Briggs. If we ever should get into the
life raft, he doesn't get to touch the fishing line. All by himself, he
managed to lose not just one fish off the line, BUT TWO! The first one came
all the way to the back of the boat. It took one look at Dan, spit out the
hook and was gone. LOL, must have been scared to death poor thing. Must have
been the "Celtic Gold Moustache" that did it. The second one was a very
large fish. I'll give him that. Only that, as I can't believe he lost it.
Fish took off with the line and I told Dan to tighten the drag. He did and
the fish slowed down and made a great leap into the air. This time I think
it was Dan who awed by its size because it was not long after that Dan
reeled in a very empty hook. 0-2, the fish ahead. Thanks to all for the
kind words and concern for all of us.
From all of us to you, Each and every one, Warmest smiles, hugs and kisses,

The Crew of the Sailing Vessel Infiniti

Position: 17.33.9N 44.47.8W
Course: 261'
Speed: 6.0 knots
Miles travelled last 24hrs: 177