The 24th Day of November, 2012

Sat 24 Nov 2012 21:04
Greetings, Hello, Good Day, and What's Up?
From the Crew of The Great Sailing Vessel Infiniti a Best of Day to you all,

First off I will send my most sincere regrets the blog is late. I will not
apologise as it is clearly not my doing, or not doing, as you may look at
it. I am also not one to lay any blame so it will go on as a mystery. LOL,
Another day in the books as they say. The wind has truly left us. We are
thankful for any breeze at all. The skipper has had the crew out in the hot
sun polishing stainless and chrome all day. The other bright part of my
day/night was a special meteor I saw at four a.m. this morning. It was
extremely bright, and as usual, it went out or disappeared streaking across
the sky. The wildest thing was it re-appeared. It was the same one, but
after going out it went for another split second before finally disappearing
for good. Strange. Anyway, I still carry the best moustache despite Dan
strutting around as what he calls, A Three Musketeer type fashion on his
face. Maybe just a little I say, But Three Musketeer? Geez...
Thank you to all and everyone who responded to the sports score request.
All of you.
Until tomorrow,
All our Love, Hugs, and Kisses,
The Crew of S.V. Infiniti

Position: 15.20.3N 55.42.5W
Course: 275'
Speed: 7knts
Distance travelled last 24 hrs: 153 miles