The 25th Day of November, 2012

Sun 25 Nov 2012 19:56
Hello Everyone and Good Day to All, as the Crew of the S.V. Infinite sends
Hugs and kisses to all.
The days now run seem more and more like a copy of the last. The nights are
beautiful as the temperature drops with the sun. At the start of the day it
climbs again. If not for the cool breeze that finally found us late
yesterday, it would be very uncomfortable. We are now under the Caribbean
sun. As I've said, the breeze has picked up and the seas are again rolling
back and forth. I would not have it any other way. The Skipper tells us we
will make landfall early tomorrow morning. Should be before ten a.m. local.
Which I believe is GMT -4 hrs. It is at or EST +1 or to make it easy, New
York plus one hour. I hope you are not confused, but your loved ones will
soon be in touch the normal way. No fishing lately and just trying to stay
cool is all the latest news. I can tell you all about my awesome award
winning 'stache that's sure to win all the votes but you will see it for
yourself tomorrow. We will send a sneak peek on the final blog tomorrow from
St. Lucia. I would like to tell my loved ones I apologise for the lack of
mail lately as I try to escape the sun. I will be up on Facebook and Skype
tomorrow as well as my own email. We all send our great Love, Hugs, and
Kisses to all and Everyone who reads the blog,

The Crew of The Great Sailing Vessel Infiniti

Position: 14.37.1N 58.33.1W
Course: 265'
Speed: 7.1 knts
Distance Travelled Last 24 Hrs: 167 miles

Note from the Skipper.

We are now coming to the end of our passage this year which will be around
4200 miles from our start in Palma to our finish in St Lucia so I would like
to say thankyou to all those who sent mails of encouragement and kept us
informed of current events happening in the world and also the footie scores
even though Leeds united are not doing too well, still nice to know.
All onboard are looking forward to a couple of days RNR and catching up with
family and friends before the big task of getting INFINITI back into
pristine condition after the long journey
Thanks to all and Land HO!