Wed 3 Dec 2008 22:04
Yet another glorious morning in mid-Atlantic paradise. Oh how monotonous! The anticipated 'Wednesday Squalls' were considerate enough to hold off until we were just polishing off our lunch before gallumphing us on our way. No more lazing around with autohelm on for us! At least we are moving somewhere with 18 knots of wind on our tail.
We have successfully managed to eat our way through a fortnight's worth of frozen fish (out of necessity rather than pure greed) and for the rest of the trip all eyes are on Andrew and his Rod. Our first mango cake has been attempted and has turned out an interesting shade of orange. We are waiting until after happy hour before we dare taste it, but no doubt it will be yet another scrumptious success from Mrs. Lis.
Our first fatality of the crew was given his sea burial this evening. Senor Albahaca (Mr. Basil), it turns out suffered from a rare but severe case of sodium intolerance.
We are launching our first message in a bottle and the race is now on to beat it to St. Lucia where we hope to find it re-filled with rum if it dares beat us to the finish line!
All the best from Mark, Ed,Lis,Andy, Anna and Zoe.