Tue 2 Dec 2008 23:31
Mostly sunny again today and we are really aware of how much hotter it is
now we have moved south.Various sail changes during the day to optomize the
lightish winds. Ed developing his skills with the sextant which is a real
contrast to all the complicated g.p.s. iridium sat. phone epirb type stuff
that Gulliver abounds with. Great success with fishing today, hooked 3
landed 2 so fabby lunch of fresh fish [uncertain variety]. Andy has devised
a new game...."scrapheap boat challenge" and he has now fettled a
complicated but very effective device for landing his catches which Zoe then
fillets in a Cordon Bleu sort of way. Lis caught out by auto-pilot and
panicked that no-one appeared to be in charge in the cockpit.
The crew has settled into a good routine,the ladies happily
cooking,polishing and sunbathing whilst the chaps are into more blokey
activities and in particular seem enthralled by the cavity under the cockpit
which seems to be the nautical equivalent of a garden shed [as in Mark '2
sheds' Binnie]. Every so often a chap appears from the depths suffused with
glee brandishing, for example, a new gas cylinder regulator or the perfect
sized screw. A great miracle down there is a magical machine which despite
its male domain is clearly female as it can multi task [ makes both
electricity and delicious water...we think there may be another secret knob
which would initiate the making of good red wine too], makes a lot of noise
and needs very careful handling.
Anna has successfully batch cooked the majority of the de-frosted food from
the freezer so panic over and now we have mastered the fishing we are
confident we won't starve.
All the best from Mark, Ed,Lis,Andy, Anna and Zoe.