Fri 12 Dec 2008 22:39
A day missed on the blog due to a lack of a computer screen, tinkering today has allowed us to use the screen in the wheel house, so the backdrop to writing this email is a stunning sunset we are sailing towards. The crew are all well and Gulliver is continuing to provide us with a comfortable ride.

Both the longitude and the distance count downs have seen a lot of action over the past two day, with 56' and 300 nm crossed off respectively.

We're looking after the Auto Pilot, pandering to it's every whim. Today she has behaved very well and fingers crossed she continues to do so.

The galley has been at full steam over the last two days with Lis producing an outstanding menu. pasta carbonara, sun dried tomato focaccia and the highlight a Victoria Sponge. Tonight we await the butternut squash curry... We have managed to eek out fresh fruit and veg for the entire trip, with the last tomato being eaten at lunch as well as fresh melon and apples for pudding, and of course there are still plenty of mangoes to consume! Tonight we wait with baited breath on another first onboard Gulliver - Lemon Surprise Pudding.

The ladies have been on the case with Canadian Airforce XBX regime workout on a daily basis. The air bycicle on the foredeck has provided a great amount of entertainment for the boys aft.

Falbala are now with in reach and we intend to cross the finish line, as we did at the start, at the same time. After 2500 nm sailing we are omly 50 nm apart - quite amazing.

All the best from Mark, Ed, Lis,Andy, Anna and Zoe