15 hours, 15 mins to the starters gun

Sat 22 Nov 2008 23:45

Gulliver Log 22.11.2008 19:45 – 15h 15min to the starters gun


Since Ed Arrived on the 13th the boat has been a hive of both preparatory and social activity. All crew have made the journey from the UK, each with familiar stories of meeting crew members on board easyjet aircraft, whether this be spotting the give away sailing stash – deck shoes, polo shirt and sowester (compared to the other tourists with wife beaters and trainers) or people wishing good luck over the aeroplane intercom, thank you row 29.


Stocking up our stores has provided much entertainment, mangoes, mangoes and more mangoes, we are now the mango express! Quantifying how much fruit we can eat without it going off has provided much debate….We will be setting up a Mango Chutney store under the Gulliver name on the dock in St Lucia.


News on the crew is as follows:

Lis has had a string of persistent followers, in particular a chain of Dutch sailors and she heads the tally of berth offerings on others boats

Zoe ‘Miss Spillage’ has managed, through a variation of activities, to spill orange juice, pen and red wine all within 8 hours.

Anna has excelled in the fancy dress costume department not to mention the Baby Jesus carved out of Walnut shells ?

Ed ‘Monkey boy’ has been scaling the heights of both the masts, the speed of this can be increased by providing food as an incentive.

Mark ‘El Capitano’ has been on the case with ‘Skipper’s briefings’, ‘Nautical lectures’ and ‘Safety briefings’ to name but a few, however he seems to know everyone as well as he does in Cowes, so we think most of these have been social calls.

Andrew the Gulliver brand manager has proved an expert in stacking fruit, convincing his school mates they were right about his original career choice with Tesco.


Gulliver is in fine fettle and has received an abundance of compliments from locals, competitors and of course the Lis admirers.


Other side of the pond here we come….



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