Sat 13 Dec 2008 23:55
The day started with a gybe, eggy bread and baked beans. This proved an excellent start to a some what exasperating day of swell and perfect conditions for our deceased cruising chute. The weather is now scortching hot forcing even the most dedicated of tanners to retreat to the cockpit for Telegraph crosswords. There is definitely a few cases of 'channel fever' as we inch towards St. Lucia where we hope Falbala will meet us armed with liquid restoritive on ice!

Andy provided us with a fantastic mexican feast for lunch accompanied with music and tasteful moustaches supported by the girls. Although Ed refused to attempt to pull off this look (dispite persuasion that it would look most fetching) he met all expectations polishing of his own body weight in 'quesadilla'.

The day is now drawing to a lathargic close marked with yet another spectacular sunset followed by a dazzalingly bright full moon.

Our course to steer is now 260 (M) with 130 nm to go! Our food free freezer has now beem stocked to the brim with beverages of all description in eager anticipation of our arrival

All the best from Mark, Ed, Lis,Andy, Anna and Zoe