Sat 29 Nov 2008 22:18
Day 7
Another utiful dawn in paradise, found us with a good wind heading towards the Cape Verdes. Some of us thought a brief detour a quick session at the laundrette and a visit to a beauty parlour might be a good way to spend the day. The Skipper and Mate [who are less in touch witth their feminine sides (well apart from E's green Tea?)] told us firmly that that was not realy in the spirit of the ARC and made us gybe, put the spinnaker back up and head West towards St Lucia, so it looks like that mannicure will have to wait another couple of weeks.
On a slightly more serious note we hae had our first casualty.... Mr. Albahaca....who despite the best ministrations of the Ships Surgeon and the entire content of all five of those MCA green squashy bags has succomed to an overwhelming fungal infection. The basil plant is currently in the intensive care unit but we may perform euthenasia tomorrow and add him to the pasta sauce.
There appears to be some subtle move to make us all onboard vegetarian - manfully resisted today by Andy's lunchtime bacon and egge sarnies.
Round 4 of the battleships tournament Gulliver vs Fallbala saw ladies day and a resounding victory for Gulliver.We are only 3.1 down now.
After a quiete day sailing we are currently surfing into the night with mizzen, main and heavy spinnaker and 16kts of balmy breeze - despite not catching fish all day we just threw back tonights first flying fish which tried to land in the wheelhouse.
All the best Mark Ed Lis Anna Zoe and Andy