Fri 28 Nov 2008 20:42
Last night's run of 11 knots average boat speed ended abruptly when the spinnaker guy let go at around 2200. Fortunately the sail itself escaped intact and with a bit of splicing action should be ready to go again soon. Having retrieved and stuffed the spinnaker down the forehatch we resumed our course west (ish) under main and genoa with the remainder of the night progressing without further ado.

Dawn (just after 0700...still working on GMT) saw the daily update fired off to Tibbsy and a change of watch at 0800 from Ed and Andy to Anna and Zoe. By 1000 the crew were all out of bed and some creative thinking combined with the arrival of a fresh weather forecast led to a gybe and a main drop, leaving mizzen and genoa pushing us along at a repectable 7 knots. The current strategy is to stay with this sail plan and maybe wind things up a bit tomorrow.

Andy has been valiantly continuing his fishing, unfortunately not landing anything despite coming frustratingly close a few times. Mark performed the less exciting yet essential task of changing the gas regulator (finding the thing seemed to take the most time). Anna (when not in bed) continued to make Christmas decorations and is contemplating turning the frayed parts of the spinnaker guy into a Father Christmas beard. Zoe and Lis became the first people to do some laundry, unfortunately there might have been a certain amount of salt water rinsing whilst said garments were hanging on the rail. Lis deserves a special mention for putting in the hard graft on the day to day essentials (including dinner WITH muffins).

The inter-boat battleships continues to frustrate our team with Falbala again emerging victorious. Ed isn't overly concerned however, still being distracted by the sheer excitement of playing battleships whilst actually on a boat AND over SSB radio... brilliant. We aim to make it Ladies Day tomorrow,

Lis is very concerned about missuing (no not her family) The Archers and hopes that someone is downloading the podcasts for her.

All the best Mark Ed Lis Anna Zoe and Andy