38:41.588N 009:24.926W Cascais

Med Freidig på tur
Brekke / Ådland
Sat 5 May 2012 12:34

We arrived yesterday at 21:30 UTC, so 544 nm in 3 days 7 hours. (It was only 514 in a straight line, but the straight line passed very close to Pico Areeiro, the highest mountain of Madeira. As we have previously walked this area, it seems in hindsight that it was a good decision to sail around, rather than to cross over.) A nice sail, average speed of 6.9, but waves from behind and slightly on the port side, so we rolled +/- 25 degrees with a period of about 6 sec most of the way.



We saw lots of dolphins, and also big whales only a few meters from the boat. On 4 occasions we saw big whales (at least 10 meters) jump - and Idunn even managed to catch 2 of these jumps on film. Will possibly appear in the blog after some editing.


No major problems. A few new leaks in the deck, and the cooling of the engine gave up on the way in to the harbor. We stopped the engine, and sailed slowly while checking the filters and impeller - which seemed OK, then we flushed the intake using the pump for the dingy to blow air from the filter and out. After reassembling it worked, but when we ran on low revs inside the harbor it failed again, and we just got the mooring lines attached as the engine temp reached red zone. Not quite sure what it was, but I suspect something blocked the intake, and running dry damaged the impeller (a bit - it still looked OK) so that on high revs it worked, but on low revs not. Will check now.



Very nice to be back in Cascais.



The marina is quite expensive - a bottle of wine as a check-in gift is an indication. We will stay here for a few days and look at the cooling, leaks, etc. before continuing north.