Monday 25th July - on the move again

Mon 25 Jul 2016 10:45
Monday 25th July

We haven't wanted to bore any loyal followers with a daily update of our "holiday" in Madeira.

David, Vicki, Paul and Helen had a great week, with a combination of boat jobs and tourist stuff. We had some superb walks on the Levadas, hired a car for the day BUT the highlight of the week was a Segaway tour on Saturday morning. Paul and David got told off for going too fast!

Levada walks are very popular in Madeira, they are the drainage channels which cover the island and provide irrigation for farming. They conveniently have a narrow path next to them which provides great walking if occasionally somewhat hairy due to the large drops!!

Madeira really is a lovely place for a holiday, there is masses to do and it is very beautiful.

An interesting custom which has grown up up over the last few decades is for boats to paint a logo on the harbour wall with the yacht name etc. We saw these in Porto Santo but could not find any paint. Anyway David did find some red and white paint in Funchal so the attached photo is team Madeira with the White Satin Banksy!!

Paul and Helen departed Sunday morning early to be replaced with Jon and Fiona (Cross), our crew for the trip to the Canaries. Winds are looking good, not too strong and from the north so we hope for a good and comfortable crossing. 290 miles to Lanzarote so we plan to arrive Wednesday, hopefully in daylight. If we arrive at night the harbour looks fairly easy to enter.

That's all for now folks.

White Satin

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