Wednesday 13th July

Wed 13 Jul 2016 13:28
Wednesday 13th July

I see I forgot to say that the crew is now David and Vicki with Paul and Helen Blanchard. Paul and Helen joined us in Lisbon on Sunday.

Over first overnight with the new crew and it was hard work. Wind built back up to 25 - 30kts for hours with gusts to at least 35kts - that's gale force 8. We were just sailing on the genoa and still doing over 7kts but with a bit less drama.

Another good sighting of dolphins playing round the boat, two jumped right out of the water very close to the boat. I think they wanted a closer look at Paul.

Vicki has adopted the "Force 7 wind and big waves diet" which is resulting in her plan to get into the wedding outfit now working. (We have a family wedding at the beginning of August.)

We had a minor accident this morning as Helen was thrown across the cockpit after a particularly big wave, no danger of her falling overboard as we are all harnessed on all the time. However there was bruised bum - but not too serious as there is plenty to bruise.

We are getting used to sleeping but it is difficult with all the noises and the boat motion. Maybe it just gets easier as we get more tired.

The sun is out, the sea is blue and we are sailing beautifully at the moment. We are now nearly dead downwind so the waves are more comfortable.

The sat phone works well and I am enjoying doing the blog. More facts and less chat than Vicki I'm afraid.