Sunday 26th

Mon 27 Jun 2016 15:45

Greetings from Spain.
Sadly no more wildlife stories to report.

However, we tied up in La Coruna at 00:30 last night - quite late and after
a long day but no so late that we couldn't enjoy the customary bottle of
The wind gods must have heard us grumbling about the lack of wind at times
and decided to exact their revenge by providing us with Force 5-6, gusting 7
as we approached the Spanish coastline.
The 3 metre waves that accompanied this gave us cause to find some stomach
muscles we didn't know existed as we endeavoured to stay upright - it will
be Pilates classes for me in the autumn in order to improve my core

We have travelled 491 nautical miles (which is about 10% longer than a
statute mile) since leaving Plymouth.
The engine has been running for 34.5 hours - not bad out of 92 hours at sea.
We slept until 10:30 local time - a wonderfully lazy day today.

We are now back in WiFi land so you you can email us, we will just log on
when we have WiFi for the next two weeks as we coast hop.

Attached are a couple of photos, of our Parasail and us sailing towards
Lots of love
Team Biscay.

JPEG image

JPEG image