Friday 1st July

Fri 1 Jul 2016 18:00

A lazy day being tourists. We visited the replica of the Pinta, the first ship back to Europe to bring news of the discovery of America. Good thing Donald Trump wasn't in power then or they would never have returned. As it was their first port of landing in Europe was Baiona - the locals are very proud.

There are also some wonderful old castle ramparts to walk around with fantastic views.

This afternoon we moved from the marina to anchor in the bay. A Dutch couple anchored nearby pottered over in their dinghy and came aboard for a drink and sailing talk. They had done the Atlantic 2 years ago.

We need a prompt departure tomorrow and saving a nights marina fees is also very welcome. We ate a great meal prepared by Vicki, one of our first eating out in the cockpit.

A long day tomorrow down to Porto, strong winds forecast so hopefully few engine hours.

White Satin

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