Back were we began nearly!

Mike Jaques
Sat 9 Jul 2022 18:00
66:4.3N 23:7.5W
So here we are back in the land of fire & ice slightly earlier than anticipated.  We have landed at a place called Isafjordur on the north eastern edge of Iceland, which apparently for those interested in Icelandic history, used to be the country’s largest town back in the first half of the 20th century.  Difficult to believe now as there is not much to the place but, as we have found throughout our stay here, everyone has been incredibly warm & friendly, most particularly the officials!
Our passage back over the Denmark Straits was considerably more eventful than our outgoing trip.  Finding ice a lot further away from Greenland was a stark reminder that we are still quite far north.  As we had more wind we sailed more & therefore found ourselves tacking to find the best line back.  Throw in a frisky sea & we wondered whether we were actually going to get here, but come 0100 on Friday morning seeing the sun set & then rise again one hour later was a heart warming sight.  You know you are getting closer to civilisation when everyone’s mobile phones start to ping!
How do we feel about not achieving our aim?  Well, there is always another day, as they say & when decisions are made for you, it’s quite simple.  As our famous bard once said, ‘Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course’.