Setting off

Mike Jaques
Sat 2 Jul 2022 08:23
64:55.0N 23:45.8W
We have just set off for Greenland having spent the last two nights in a fishing port called Olafsvik. The ice charts showed quite heavy icing in the Angmassalik area so we stalled a couple of days in Iceland waiting for some more favourable conditions. I think we have them now but is is difficult to interpret cloud from the ice on the sat phots, so we will see!
I think Gareth mentioned that Neil had headed back to Ardfern. We have Paul, Derek and Jim in the crew now. After we left Keflavik we anchored in what, on the chart looked cosy but in fact felt like we were in the middle of the sea.  Then the following night we made it to Olafsvik. I think Iceland in this area is very barren. Line fishing from day boats, it would seem mostly cod, sustains them. It must be great in the winter! Yesterday we prepped for the crossing and had a bit of a walk onto the hills.
No wind now and we are motoring, hopefully we will see more whales and even get a nice wind.