Back in Reykjavik

Mike Jaques
Wed 17 Aug 2022 23:15
64:09.10 N 21:55.99 W
The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind and I think we are all feeling the same way and wondering where the hell the last 4 weeks have gone. It has certainly gone far too quickly for my liking especially as it was just starting to feel like we were just starting to get into our stride with the mountaineering side of things.
So a recap of the last few days after our last big day in the mountains. We woke up the following day hoping for Mike and Alistair to go and do a lovely looking ridge we had seen on the way into the fjord, unfortunately when we scoped it out properly we realised there was no easy way to access it so after a quick change of plan we decided to move anchorage. The anchorage we were hoping for was full of ice so we went to plan b which was a fjord just to the south. This proved to be an excellent last anchorage with extremely steep mountains surrounding a dry glacier providing very beautiful scenery for our last night.
The highlights from the last day being:
Our first and only polar bear encounter of the trip. Unfortunately it had been dead for probably over a decade seeing how degraded the bones had become.
Our first and only man over board when Alistair decided valiantly (by accident) to go swimming after the coffee cafetierre he had just dropped over the side. This was expertly backed up by Gringo in the dinghy picking up the runaway floating crocs that had escaped from his feet. Well done on the only Arctic swim of the trip Al!
And lastly a bit of target practice with the rifles on some unsuspecting icebergs, we all came away confident that the Polar bears didn't need to be worried about us.
The next day we packed the boat up and somewhat sadly picked up the anchor for the last time in Greenland for a very calm 2 day crossing back here to Reykjavik.
As ever Mike has organized another extremely successful and special trip and I’m so thankful to him for inviting me. It was trickier trip then last time in terms of the amount ice and between that and seeing how much the glaciers have receded is proof enough for me with what's happening with the climate at the moment. Even so Greenland never seems to disappoint and I feel very privileged to be able to come and see it in this very unique way. Thanks again Mike.