26 June

Mike Jaques
Mon 27 Jun 2022 13:45
63:42.8N 22:08.5W

A welcome day off in Scrabbleville aka Vestmannaeyjahofnin the Westman Islands. The harbour has a spectacular narrow and scary entrance between sheer volcanic cliffs and is the home port of huge fishing , I hesitate to call them boats, fishing ships. It harvests 10 percent of the fishtake of Iceland.
A run ashore and up the recently active Eldfell (fire mountain) a new mountain 600 ft high formed over in 1973. A surprising amount of new vegetation, a forest of lupine , and delicate alpines, grows. We were advised by John , our boat forestry expert, that techniques similar to the reclamation of Nottinghamshire slag heaps, had been used .
A steep sliding descent down lava scree with boots accumulating pebbles of irritation and then a gentle walk across grassy meadows accompanied by angry cries from oystercatchers and a number of other waders .
A well deserved refreshment in the “ Brothers Brewery “ included a taste of their 13% lager, preceded supper , when John could not deny himself a whale steak whilst others felt a cod steak was more “vegan” .
All in all a good day , and a good rest before the arduous 100 mile motor to Keflavik tomorrow.