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Date: 04 Aug 2018 20:49:58
Title: Kolding Fjord

70:42.1N 21:42.3W
It's 1830 and we have just retired indoors after the sun has disappeared around the back of the mountain next to the anchorage. We think it must have been 15 degrees during the day today, so those of us up in the hills were in t-shirts.
It was Ollie and Gile's turn for boat duty today, and they did a nice job of dropping Ian and Rod off on the North side of the Fjord at just before 0800 and Mike and I on the South side shortly after.
Mike and I had a great day in the sunshine. It took us a couple of hours to get up over the glacier in show shoes, all the while looking around for the best peak as our target for a climb for the day. Once the aim was decided, the snow shoes went onto our backs and we scrambled our way 300m further up to a great ridge line which took us to the summit. Mike was happy as he used all his climbing gear and I was happy as I didn't fall off. A couple of corned beef sandwiches later and it was back down the way we came, back to the boat in time for a  beer in the sun.
We are now on our way to drop Ollie and Giles off for an overnight climb, hopefully a little bit easier than their last epic.
You'll get more from Ian tomorrow.
Mike leading the way to the summit
View from the top

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