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Date: 23 Jul 2018 20:35:40
Title: More routes

67:54.6N 32:7.4W
The snow shoe team had a great excursion up a steep glacier before poor vis and dubious snow forced a return.
From our anchorage we headed North hoping to moor at the jetty on a disused weather station called Nordre Aputiteq but after fighting our way through ice we discovered that the jetty was long gone and found a suitable destination further North moored in a cove at Kap Boswell.  We have not found very good holding on any of our anchorages  but here we are tied tied to the shore.  Whilst we were in the ice we saw a staggering amount seals, evidence that we are far from any hunting settlements.
Giles, Ian, Rod and I went off on our skis yesterday up a glacier and then climbed a peak with no name before skiing back down.
Today Giles, Olly and Ash climbed another unnamed peak a lot higher ( 980m) and more difficult than yesterdays.
Off to visit Kangerdlugssuaq  area tomorrow which was heavily explored by the Brits last century.

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