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Date: 19 Jul 2018 00:38:03
Title: The last three days.

67:01.8N 33:44.3W
From the drone!
Stora, 16.7.19.  We woke to good weather again, and decided that the opportunity was to do some bear-scaring and rifle training. We went onshore and tried out some thunder flashes, then took turns (after due instruction from Ian and Mike) to give a nearby ice floe what for courtesy of our two 30.06 rifles. They were very loud and kicked like mules. They should scare the willies out of Ursus Marinis, whether scoring a hit or not. Hopefully, we don't ever need to use them. We then headed north again for the afternoon, motoring mostly.  We crossed the arctic circle today, and duly toasted the event with drams of rum or whisky. Not a moment too soon either, as it was seriously cold by then. We then looked for an anchorage and the drone found its first practical use: scouting for gaps in the ice. It didn't entirely go smoothly, and the first attempted landing saw Ash's duvet shredded a touch. Feathers everywhere. We tried three locations, but were balked by sea ice the first time,  and by the unsuitability of the anchorage twice. It was late by the time we headed in to Iliviartik, a shallow fjord with some encouragingly low land at the head. The anchorage worked, except for a annoying swell that meant we had to moor to the shore later than we wanted to.
Iliviartik, 17.7.18. A calm but cold and misty day. The plan was to climb an adjacent hill. We started with some mountaineering training (crevasse rescue, ice axe breaking and the like), then four of us departed, intent on the first conquest of the peak on our left. Unfortunately, the snow was unstable and soft, and the rock was the most annoying and slippery of screes, so we only got part way up before deciding that it was no fun. We descended carefully , got back on the boat and had tea. Btw, I am instructed to add that Mike and Ash had in the interim, rendered the boat spotless.
Iliviartik, 18.7.18. A cold start. We headed down the fjord into open sea and set sail. Northerly winds of up to 20kt and a lumpy sea, so not always a comfortable sail. However, things calmed, the high cloud cleared and despite some initial pessimism about being balked again by ice, we picked our way into a very nice bay near Cape Warming. Just a small amount of jiggery pokery with land moorings, and a couple of vain attempts to use the dinghy to push a couple of ice floes out of the way, and we were done. Dinner came from the Pampas of Argenitina, via Fray Bentos and our very own Ash.  

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