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Date: 15 Jul 2018 23:14:37
Title: Fjords & icebergs

66:10.4N 35:30.6W
A day or so meandering around Tassilaq which is the 'Capital' of Eastern Greenland, a place of colourful timber buildings on a hillside overlooking the fjord which 'looks like a lake' and is the direct translation of Tassilaq. 
We were moved from our berth alongside a cargoship by a tug taking the remains of Nansen's famous ship Maud back to Norway,. So after re-anchoring and having lunch we set off and had a great spinnaker run North through Angmassalik fjord with snow topped mountains on both sides and icebergs of all shapes and sizes in the water . The navigation has been interesting with few depths shown, and chart plotter and computer showing us sailing over the land more often than not. We have reverted to the mark-one eyeball ! 
The day ended with us nosing into a small anchorage off Sermiligaaq (question mark on the pronunciation) and Mike giving us a masterclass on how to lay lines to the shore using the dinghy and using big rocks to tie to.    
We took a quick walk up the hill this morning before motoring 30' further North to our current spot Storoe which is a bowl surrounded by hills and mountains on three sides with some pack ice at the end.  Giles, Ollie and I had a quick go at flying the drone before dinner and we're now settling down to watch a film before bed.
The weather is great as you will see from the photos...


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