Now to Durban

Dick and Irene Craig
Sat 27 Nov 2010 07:38
Back on the boat, after having spent a wonderful time on safari and at Victoria Falls, the hot sunny days in Zimbabwe, have been replaced by a cloudy, muggy day. Nonetheless, it is great to be home, so to speak, despite the return to chores and the burden of renewed responsibility.
Yesterday, rushing along to the gate, from whence we needed to depart, to catch our SAA flight from Jo’burg to Richards Bay, we met Oisin, from Brown Eyed Girl. He was waiting for a BAA flight scheduled to leave about an hour after our plane was due to leave. As there were only 19 passengers on our flight, it seemed incredible that it was deemed necessary to have two flights, making the same journey, at not too dissimilar times. Competition! I guess it keeps the prices down and amazingly, unlike the cheaper European flights, free food and drinks are also dispensed to the passengers.
The moorings vacated by the WARC boats have now been taken by others, three of which are also catamarans.
On John’s last night we went to the Waterfront and ate a splendid meal at Little Switzerland; a super,friendly, inexpensive restaurant, which has been in business in Richards Bay for 25years. The proprietor was even kind enough to run us back to the marina after dinner. There website is .
While on the subject of recommendations, if you need a travel agent in South Africa then talk to Jannie Loubser at Signature Tours. Jannie is based in Cape Town but that was no obstacle when it came to arranging from Richards Bay, the safari and the Zimbabwe trip for us. We emailed him from Mauritius, told him what we wanted and he came up with exactly what we wanted, handling everything including flights and transfers. He can be contacted on jannie {CHANGE TO AT} signaturetours {DOT} co {DOT} za, or at +27 (0)21 975 1060. You can check out his website at
Drammer plans to leave their boat in Cape Town for the next year so won’t be continuing on with us to the Caribbean. It is a wonderful place to spend some time and would that we could do the same. They left Zululand Yacht club marina for Durban, about 2pm on the 25th, just after the wind had become south easterly. We refueled and departed just after 4pm.
Just prior to leaving Zululand Yacht club marina, I found a good sized cockroach wedged down the side of a locker, on the floor of the forward cockpit. With Dick’s assistance, we managed to dislodge the fellow and dispose of him.
Although the forecast predicted little wind and we thought we might have to use the engines, it was blowing force 4 and 5, on a close reach as we exited the marina. The lumpy seas and 2knot current made the passage uncomfortable and by the time I was dishing up the evening meal, I felt quite ill. Handing over to Mo and Bev, I rushed to the heads, seasick; then retired to my bed. Dick also was feeling unwell and he forwent his supper and took to his bed.
As we progressed along the coast, we changed direction and sailed on a beam reach, which gradually became a broad reach and much more comfortable. Although we had sailed along the 200metre line, to make the most of the current, for most of the passage the current was against us, by over 2knots.
As we entered the harbour and made our way to the marina, we watched as a pilot was winched up, by helicopter, from one of the cargo boats.
We tied up against a finger pontoon, with lines astern, by 10.30am.
Drammer arrived in the marina about an hour before we did. Tzigany and Chessie were already here, having work done on their boats, hoping to depart on Monday but the forecast has changed for the worse and it now looks as if they wont set sail until Thursday.
Still not feeling well throughout the day, Dick and I decided that the nausea was probably caused by the anti malaria pills we were taking, so that was soon rectified.
We bought Wifi connection from one of the yacht clubs but were not able to get online from our boat, even using the aerial which enhances the signal.
I found three maggots inside the boat but cannot identify where they might have come from. We are now on maggot alert.