Arc Day 12 - Minke whale

Dick and Irene Craig
Thu 3 Dec 2009 22:36
Although we hit 14.8 knots during the last 24 hours, our speed hasn't
improved much and we covered only 153nautical miles. We cannot reach Rodney
bay before the 10th December now, unless we have some really good winds,
blowing in our favour so that our average speed might increase considerably.
This is not very likely. We have already moved further south, away from the
reducing wind strength.

Yesterday we spotted a northern Minke whale. It was hard not to do so as it
swam alongside the starboard bow and round to the stern of the boat, just
inches away. It surfaced four times within half an hour as if it was looking
for company. It was a surprise that the whale came so close to the boat as
one would have expected the hum of the generator to have kept it away.

Chris was on watch last night when we encountered a medium sized squall. He
would have remained dry and cosy if he hadn't had the presence of mind to
leave the fly-bridge, to shut the door to the salon.

We still have seen no other boats on the radar, nor their lights at night
but we are in contact by email, SSB and VHF which is fine for those boats
not too far from us.

Yesterday we played trivial pursuits with the Kittens from Kittiwake and the
Paddys from Liberty. Well done Kittens for winning the 24 hour supply of
salt water. The delivery of the prize was just sensational, arriving the
moment that the game had finished.

Chris very bravely let me cut his hair today (see photo, a scared Chris).
The clippers didn't let us down before the job was done. We bought them at a
Chinese shop in Prevasa, mainland Greece, in April. They cost only 5 euros
and have been used to cut Dick's hair at least half a dozen times.

Lunch today is pizza with masses of toppings. Supper tonight, unless we
catch a fish, is chicken Diane, a very rich, extremely delicious dish, made
from a recipe given to cook years ago, by a dear friend in Hampshire.

I have started to listen to my Spanish lessons, on my MP4 player, while on
watch at night. This should refresh my memory, though there should be ample
opportunity to have to speak Spanish soon.

We have been entertained by several glides and squadrons of flying fish
today. Hi there Ginger!

The Oldies competed against the Youngn's today and the Youngn's won the
trivial pursuits contest. That is now one all, so everything to play for.
Then we will be onto Scrabble competitions, just for a change of afternoon

The Arc Kids had their very first SSB network today. Not too many joined in
but perhaps tomorrow, once word gets around, there will be a few other young


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