Week 3 in Turkey

Dick and Irene Craig
Sun 27 Apr 2008 14:39

The sails were returned and put up on Friday. We plan to leave the marina Monday morning but there are still some things outstanding.  The weather-fax was collected and sent to Istanbul for repair, it should have been returned on Saturday. Now it will have to be sent on to one of the ports we visit with the EMYR. We have been rather disappointed with the weather-fax as it hasn’t worked since we were in Portugal last year. We are also waiting for a spare part to arrive so that we can fix the problem with the inverters which keep blowing the trip. That will also have to be sent on to us.

Things were getting a bit tetchy, particularly as the lap-top wouldn’t connect to the local WiFi network and we had to re-install the driver which had somehow ceased to function. We do need to communicate with suppliers, family, friends and our crew. Without the on-line facility, life is quite fraught.

The guys that fixed the protective stainless steel frame over the water-maker, have drilled 2 holes through the locker containing the water-maker, into the pristine gel-coat in the main cabin. Even fixed, it will never be perfect again.

The SSB aerial, which we broke on my birthday last year, has been mended and erected, and all of the safety equipment has been attached to the guard-rail.

Dick has installed filters to the outlet from the sink in the galley and from the washing machine so hopefully we won’t be offensive should we use them on the rally.

The Perspex shelves, which have been made with holes in, for storing the drinking glasses, were installed on Friday. They should have been ready last Saturday but the chap who was making them had problems. He even broke one of our heavy based glasses, much to Dick’s chagrin.

As we have been so busy sorting out the boat, we have tended to eat in the workers canteen which is frequented by more yachties than workers. A good meal is served at lunchtime and early evening at the amazing cost of 6YTL, equivalent to €3.

There is quite a large live-aboard fraternity at Marmaris and they appear to have organized themselves very well. Various entertainments take place in the evenings which include quiz nights, karaoke, films, bowling, progressive suppers and barbecues. There are regular excursions to art galleries, talks, ancient sites, concerts, shopping expeditions etc. Every morning a group of people leave the marina at 7.30am for their daily constitution. There is a network over the VHF for the exchange of information, led by one of several different live-aboard folk. The net covers a variety of subjects such as:-  

  People arriving or leaving, birthdays and anniversaries, medical and dental problems, items for sale or wanted, social events and taxi shares.

After the net, those listeners who have an interest, contact the appropriate person. It seems to work admirably and Dick has purchased and sold various items both via the morning network and at the Saturday morning mini market, held by other yachties, who no longer required these treasures of the bilge.

The German that threatened to kill Klepto-cat, fell onto a piece of jagged fiberglass and sliced into his upper arm. His wife bandaged the wound but he had to go to hospital to get it stitched. It was a nasty wound and he has been told not to continue renovating his boat for at least 12 days. He ignores the advice of course.

The owner of Klepto-cat lent us a booster and aerial, to help us connect to the WiFi. At least we can now get on-line. We have subsequently bought one of our own. How could we possibly post this blog otherwise!

There is a ferry, which leaves the marina every morning at 8.30, and takes the workers to Marmaris town. It is free of charge and is also used by yachties. On Wednesday, we decided to take advantage of this facility and duly arrived at the departure point with plenty of time to spare. To our disappointment, the ferry, which takes about 20 minutes to do the crossing, was full.

The frame on Dick’s glasses broke on Saturday and made his life quite difficult. Fortunately, on Sunday, at the local bazaar, we managed to get them repaired, and the lense refitted, for only €5. Incredible!