Cap d'Agde

Fri 22 Aug 2008 10:26

An early start was required for a long day across the Gulf de Lion. Extra care was taken checking the weather and there was a window before a deterioration was forecast. To take advantage we opted to press on rather than rest in Banyuls. A mixture of sail and motoring saw us across to Cap d’Agde (43.17.0N 003.30.7E) although our attention was focussed on a large thunderstorm which chased us for a few hours. We initially tied up at the Capitainerie near the entrance and Kim was heaving vast sighs of relief, having now “had it” with berthing and mooring stresses. Unfortunately we had to move Siempre again and the result was Kim dangling off of the bow trying to get a line on to a ridiculous metal hoop on the slightly short pontoon near the town quay. A kindly neighbouring Frenchman responded to her cries for assistance and we finally meshed Siempre in a web of lines for our break back in England.