April 1st Update

SV Sawdust
Brent and Lisa Nettles
Wed 1 Apr 2020 23:15
Good Afternoon,
We are currently located at 8:02.173S 140:04.804W and moving along but rather slowly. We had good winds just after we left Hiva Oa yesterday but then the clouds built and we had some rain and then no wind.  We put a reef in late in the afternoon so that itwas done for overnight but then it was not needed. We currently have 6 to 9 knots from the east and we are headed almost due north.  But at only 4 to 6 knots, wish that was an April Fools but it is not...lol.  We only covered about 123 miles yesterday, yikes! 
We put the lines in yesterday and of course had a fish on both when the winds were strong and it was rough, we had to try and slow the boat down but to our disappointment we had a bonita and the other we had to check the fish chart for, it was a nice size Rainbow Runner but we threw both of them back.  Gave us some excitement for a bit though.
But all is well and we are just into day 2 now so hopefully the winds will pick up some and we can increase our daily miles.  Hawaii here we come, eventually......
Love to all and we will keep you posted!
Brent and Lisa
p.s. Rosie says hi too and poor thing cannot figure out why are are around ALL of the time....