SV Sawdust
Brent and Lisa Nettles
Sat 22 Feb 2020 15:59
Good Morning,
0:57.874S 90:57.743W

We sailed from San Cristobal to Isabela here in Galapagos on Tuesday evening, it started out as a great sail with 14 knts on the beam and we were moving along nicely at 8 to 9 knts until the wind died on us and we had to motor sail the rest of the evening.  Oh well!  That seems to be the norm around here anyways.....

We have enjoyed Isabela, we explored the first day and then we rented bikes and did a nice long ride to the Wall of Tears and then a few hikes along the trail.  We did get to see tortoises in the wild there instead of just in the sanctuaries.

Today we plan to head to a beach for snorkeling where we should finally see the penguins and more blue footed boobies!