Hump Day Update

SV Sawdust
Brent and Lisa Nettles
Wed 18 Mar 2020 21:15
Happy Hump Day!  I am so glad that we are long over our "hump" on this trip!  We are 414 miles out.
Our current location is 08:56.453S 132:06.484W and winds have slowed and we currently have code zero up and main but looks like we will switch to the spinnaker very shortly. With light winds we are averaging about 6 knots.
But otherwise all is good and the seas are calmer today also, we have friends 6 days ahead of us that had winds decrease for them about this point out also.......but we are still closer by the minute.  Maybe not as close as we hoped but
No fish yet today but they seem to like to bite about 6 p.m.  out here, so we will see
Love to all!!
Brent and Lisa