Blog 6

SV Sawdust
Brent and Lisa Nettles
Mon 10 Feb 2020 23:31
Good Evening,
04:011.48N 83:44.40W
Today has been another productive day, we have not had wind the last half of the day and are now motoring again.  We were able to turn off the motors this morning about 3 am. But we still covered 150 miles yesterday so we will see what we can manage today.  Like Brent always says closer by the minute.........
We did not have as much a bite on the poles all day until just now and Tammy had a billfish of some sort on and he broke the line!  Figures!  He was not at all happy about having that hook still in his mouth, he jumped out of the water several times after he got off our pole!
We did some sail changes throughout the day and while socking the spinnaker managed to get a sheet wrapped around one of our dive tanks and it got sent overboard, we circled back and tried to retrieve it but of course it sank and being in 9k feet of water it was long gone.  An early sacrifice to Neptune I guess.
But all is well and other than being too damn hot out here all is good!