SV Sawdust
Brent and Lisa Nettles
Sat 7 Mar 2020 00:16
Good Evening,
We are currently at 03:20.889S 100:40.497W   Winds did pick up for us last night so we have been rea
hing higher speeds, last night we had 10 to 13 knots of wind and were able to do 8 to 9 knots all night and into this morning.  But now we are in what they call the convergence zone and we have
had high winds to about 22 knots and rough seas, we are moving at over 10 knots but ready to get through this area and back to easier sailing.
We did catch 2 mahi mahi in this mess and get them cleaned and have enough for a few meals.
But all is well still and we will keep you all posted, we have checked off 647 miles so far!