Ship Date 6.0 - Saturday

Roger Aylward
Sat 9 Aug 2008 14:28

Hi again


We are sailing in sunny conditions South-Westerly to Tenerife – 500 Nm to go – 1000N done. We are lazing in the sun and going some 7 kts over the ground. All are now wearing shorts so not everything is pretty. We see about 2 ships a day and not much else except for sea sky and clouds, the sunsets and sunrises are spectacular. Last night we had a glorious moonset but no-one took a picture. There is a great contrast between the Biscay attitude –“why are we doing this?” and today’s “what on earth could you do that is better?”. The ups and downs of sailing are extreme.


On a personal note I was going to take a shower today but…. Life is too short…. Perhaps tomorrow!


I will sling a few pics here with no particular theme.










Please send us any comments providing they are short and nice. I have been advised not to give out e-mail addresses on the blog but you can guess it from the name of the boat the name of the ISP and com. Or contact someone who knows.




PS sorry about the missing postings –don’t know what happened you should have received them earlier today.