Blog No 12 Wednesday 3rd December

Roger Aylward
Wed 3 Dec 2008 16:22

Day 20 Mileage 136 miles –  0.0 hours motoring


Wednesday 3rd December


Well we continue to make steady progress towards Grenada – we are now  254 nautical miles away and are hoping to arrive there sometime on Friday. The winds (oh the winds) have been up and down but we haven’t yet needed to motor thank goodness.


We have seen little shipping two yachts on Monday one of which spoke on VHF and a large merchant yesterday – we keep saying that as we get closer we are bound to see more but they haven’t materialised yet.


Life on board has assumed a relaxed pattern. Generally we are all around by 09.00 and have a disorganized breakfast. Then washing, and clothes washing, and reading, and boat chores fill the morning till about 13.30 when we have a small lunch of things to pick at. The afternoon follows the pattern of the morning and we eat at about 18.00. It is then getting dark and we mill around until 20.30 or so and go to bed. So much to do so little time. Yesterday we broke the pattern and had steamed pudding and custard in the afternoon! Wow!


We are trying not to think too much about finishing and what we will do – I will tell you all about that later.


Ta for now