Ship Date 2.0 - Monday August 4th

Roger Aylward
Mon 4 Aug 2008 11:02

Monday 4th 11.30


The first rule of sailing is that the wind is always from where you want to go. On Saturday the forecast was for south-westerlies and a moderate /rough sea-state – and so it was. Having had a farewell meal at our adopted local “The Clovelly Bay Hotel” we finally set off at 11.46 from the marina at Plymouth on the required south-westerly course. From the breakwater we tacked in rough seas across to Ushant. Inevitably this took its’ tale and several of us including the skipper suffered from “mal de mer” as well as the exhaustion of trying to move around the boat consequently the first edition of the blog was postponed.


Ushant was achieved mid-day yesterday when we took course for Finisterre outside of the shipping lanes. For the first time we could sail in the direction we wanted to go but the wind died and we motored until midnight when we had a cracking sail until the morning when the first rule of sailing took over again an d the wind died.


The other watch (Bob and Colin) reported seeing a lone dolphin during the night but John and I do not know whether to believe them.


Apart from the aforementioned temporary afflictions we are all well and life is starting to get into a routine- John is worrying about his menus and I am anxious to get Pampero ship-state.


Next blog tomorrow perhaps with exclusive pictures of Plymouth if technology permits.


Love to all