Blog No 1 - 13th November

Roger Aylward
Thu 13 Nov 2008 14:13



Well we are under way; we left our berth at 10.20 this morning. We were sailing by 10.45 - at last!


The crew assembled on Monday in Tenerife and since then we have been shopping and doing the last minute jobs to the boat and trying to enjoy ourselves in the evenings. Apart from my driving every thing went reasonably smoothly so we were able to start this morning. All week the weather forecasted for today was strong winds and they are. We are doing 8 knots or so in winds of 20+ kts.


The crew are:-


Roger Aylward - skipper and co-owner, lives in Great Missenden and sails on the East Coast.


Peter Hawker – lives in Sevenoaks brother of Mike from Hyde Heath, recently retired.


Peter Hill – lives near Leeds and sails on the East Coast from the same marina as Roger


Peter Sheltrum – lives in Hyde Heath, has his boat in Plymouth and long time sailing companion of Roger.


We hope to bring you a blog everyday with some form of humour and occasional pictures.


We are still getting used to things so all is busy at the moment – I must go as it is lunch-time.