Vanuatu to Mackay

Chsalonina - Chizol
Chizol has now been sold to sail around again
Wed 11 Aug 2010 08:20
The second night at sea from the above to Mackay and our position is 16:43s 163:44e
The seas have been very rough indeed with 5 to 6 meters of waves and 35 knots of wind - the sails set have been 2 very little jibs the port side on the pole and the starboard normally sheeted
 - just now we put them both on poles and the wind had backed and so we are now very much down wind and sailing at 6.8kts at present course of 258t
We left Vanuatu the day before the earthquake and tsunami so all is ok there were a couple of boats who had some damage in Port Villa and one boat 23k from the epee centre felt the entire boat shake and thought the mast was coming down = all was ok
Will keep you all informed over the next few days - eta \MacKay middle of next week