At last a little wind

Chsalonina - Chizol
Chizol has now been sold to sail around again
Sat 10 Apr 2010 21:00
Our position this morning was 09:34s 128:43w and have in the last 24 hours sailed 67nm only, less than 6kts of wind we have gone through the night at 2-3kts but now we have 8kts of win=d and are sailing through the water at 4.78kts and over the ground at 5.5kts thank goodness for ocean currents.
Just put a hook out for some fish and have been told by Jane not to catch too meaty a fish so goldfish are required.
The lack of wind has put us back in time so our current eta in Fatu-Hiva (south island of the Marquises) is 4 .5 days Wednesday or Thursday but I think that will be bettered
I repaired the high pressure pump on the water maker yesterday - it was leaking oil - all ok now with a tweek here and there
Wind direction indicator has caused us grief and is working now and again after extensive attention its guts
The voltage indicator read out is failing and the batteries are loosing their voltage quicker so all in all the boat is behaving like all boats at sea - the sea air and salt water gets into everything - even my head torch that Philip gave me has stopped working and needs surgery.
Morale is high now we have a little wind and we are buzzing along nearly at 6kts with just the fabulous twin headsail rig - so quite in light winds with no crashing and banging of booms and backing of main and genoas.
Lunch shortly and perhaps washed down with a little Chablis 96
Sheikh in high spirits