350 nm to go to Polyynesia

Chsalonina - Chizol
Chizol has now been sold to sail around again
Mon 12 Apr 2010 19:24
Our position this morning is 10:00s 132:34w and 350nm from the south end of Fatu-Hiva Island
Some yachts have arrived in the north islands but we intend to travel up through the islands making the best of the SE trade winds - about 150nm and see the other islands at least from the sea
The draft is still light at 15kts true which gives us a speed of 6kts with therefore 8-10kts of wind behind us. The bat wings are working quietly and efficiently as is Charlie the hydrovane- he wanders a little like all little boys but runs back on course after a couple of minutes
A very sunny day with a temperature of late 20's the sea is making us roll a little but it is gentle
Daily chores have been done and we are now relaxing in the sunshine and cooling breeze
Have a good day where ever you are.
PS a special hello to Annabel, Olivia, Zara, Daisy and Ellie
Granpa who is sailing sailing sailing