A Day with Sun Wind and Rolling Ocean

Chsalonina - Chizol
Chizol has now been sold to sail around again
Fri 30 Apr 2010 01:00
After a eday and a night of no wind and concern as to whether we have enough fuel top reach Manihi we have wind - enough to push us at 5-6kts over beautiful rolling Oceans od the Blue Ink like water - enjoy last nights Sunset
Our position is now 12:10S 143:21W Our course 226T
We had a large Pod of Dolphions play along side this morning and they stayed with us for about 15 mins
We are 200nm from Manihi this little atoll that has promised me 200ltrs of diesel We have travelled from Ua-Pou about 220nm and when at Manihi there will be about 300nm to Pateete in Tahiti
We shall stop in Rangiroa for a few days - this Atoll is very nearly 30nm across - some old Volcano!!
Have a lovely Weekend and Bank Holiday - you deserve it