First day of Sun

Chsalonina - Chizol
Chizol has now been sold to sail around again
Tue 30 Mar 2010 07:07
Our position at Midnight was 05:54s 101:35w
We had a great day sailing and in the Sun - after a very wet night the boat has been washed and has finished up very dirty as a result - who knows why the boat is covered in black dirt. The day was however very sunny and the wind picked up to 15-18kts on a beam reach and we have been sailing at 6kts from about midday to now, we have made 69nm in 12 hours so if we keep that up will achieve a 140 day the best to date on this leg
Jane has mastered the control of the Hydrovane and I feel very confident when she is on watch, J steers a steady course and I make a lot of noise with engines and gadgets and really just cut the grass
No sea life but think that we should see whales soon