Dry night with wind!

Chsalonina - Chizol
Chizol has now been sold to sail around again
Tue 6 Apr 2010 14:12
Our position this morning is 08:25S 120:06W we are on a course of 267T and with a speed over the ground of 7.10kts
The swell is about 11 seconds from crest to crest and approx 3meters some white horses Wind speed 15kts apparent
The generator is on charging the batteries and we have full tanks of water.
Each of us last night achieved more than 20nm on our watches and we are running on about a 150nm day.
The sun has just risen preceded with a good view of Jupiter - temperature 24c and is 07:00hrs
Looking forward to breakfast lunch and tea - supper menu will be decided on at lunchtime
Have a good day