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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Dec 2009
Sun 27 Dec 04:27 Merry Christmas
Thu 17 Dec 07:29 Pictures from Great Nicobar Islands
Thu 17 Dec 06:27 More pictures from Bay of Bengal
Wed 16 Dec 09:02 Our private dolphin show
Wed 16 Dec 07:38 Pictures from Bay of Bengal
Wed 16 Dec 07:35 Pool
Wed 16 Dec 07:06 The bobbejaan is coming out of the water.
Tue 15 Dec 12:56 Pictures from Sri Lanka during 24hr Stopover
Tue 15 Dec 01:05 Pictures from Gulf and Indian Ocean Crossing
Mon 14 Dec 10:54 Pictures from Oman
Sun 13 Dec 02:01 We have made it! 6:17.00N 99:41.00E
Wed 09 Dec 23:34 Position Update 6:28.00N 97:12.00E
Mon 07 Dec 13:35 Position Update 6:40.00N 94:26.00E
Fri 04 Dec 12:39 We had a good day! 5:51.00N 88:43.00E
Wed 02 Dec 12:37 Position Update 5:53.00N 85:36.00E
Tue 01 Dec 13:02 Close encounters with the Sri Lankan fishing fleet! 5:55.00N 84:00.00E
Nov 2009
Mon 30 Nov 12:12 Position Update 5:42.00N 82:02.00E
Sun 29 Nov 14:20 We are on our way again! 6:02.00N 80:13.80E
Sat 28 Nov 05:27 Galle, Sri Lanka 6:02.00N 80:13.80E
Fri 27 Nov 04:45 Position Update 6:16.00N 78:39.00E
Thu 26 Nov 05:39 Position Update 7:08.00N 76:42.00E
Tue 24 Nov 02:24 Position Update 9:04.00N 73:52.00E
Mon 23 Nov 04:36 Rain Storm 9:40.00N 72:40.00E
Sun 22 Nov 13:38 Can it get any slower than this! 10:20.50N 71:45.70E
Thu 19 Nov 12:02 Marlin 15:16.50N 68:12.40E
Tue 17 Nov 12:11 Sail? No, this is flying! 19:03.04N 64:55.30E
Sat 14 Nov 10:51 You have to be made of steel to do this! Or you will be when this is over!
Thu 12 Nov 03:13 I forgot how big the swells are in the open ocean!
Tue 10 Nov 14:00 Position Update. 24:59.40N 57:45.30E
Tue 10 Nov 05:30 At Last, International Water! 25:29.70N 57:15.40E
Mon 09 Nov 08:39 Position Update! 26:26.60N 56:22.46E
Sat 07 Nov 06:31 Hi Mafe......Pek mo! 25:41.70N 55:46.80E
Wed 04 Nov 14:09 Alinghi and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 25:41.70N 55:46.80E
Mon 02 Nov 05:31 Ras AL Khaimah - UAE 25:41.70N 55:46.80E