back in Benodet

Julie and Geoff
Sat 29 Jan 2011 10:46
We have just arrived back at the boat in Benodet after a couple of months of visiting friends and family in the uk, and a quick operation!
We felt like professional visitors and thank all those who put us up and put up with us!!!
We didn't get to see as many people as we had hoped, as time ran away with us and we were hampered by the poor weather, which left me terrified of getting stuck in a car or slipping after my op.
I am now fine, minus one very insignificant organ - so I'm told!!  ( It was a gallbladder op for those not in the know!)

We are freezing cold over here but in bright sun!! Minus 3 last night, the electric blanket we bought in the uk is like Manna from Heaven, the best £15 we ever spent!!!!
The walking has re started although the healthy eating keeps having moments of weakness..............homemade rice pudding from the deli, was too much to take!!!! (no dairy allowed pre op, dairy not a problem now!!)
Have been trying to install a pc interface so we can see our charts etc. on our computer in the cabin, not going too well, so have been backwards and forwards on the phone to engineers and Raymarine in the's probably at our side!!!   I learnt a useful phrase from Geoff's daughter and the boys when we were visiting, (they are computer Gurus!!!) apparently when they have an idiot on the phone with a "computer problem" which is clearly a user fault, they use the code word "picnic".... "problem in chair not in computer"
It can actually be adapted in various other situations quite well i.e. "problem in carseat not in car"   "problem in cabin not in craft"  etc etc.... you see, I now have too much time on my hands...........
BTW boat was absolutely fine, no mould, no frozen pipes and not hit!!!

We'll update you all soon. 
Julie and Geoff