still in benodet

Julie and Geoff
Thu 7 Oct 2010 17:09

Sorry we’ve been out of contact for a while.


We have actually been very naughty and secretly returned to the UK as I had an appointment with the hospital which I had to keep, about my upcoming operation!

Anyhow, it looks like the operation will be in about 4-6 weeks, so will have to return then for about 4-8 weeks depending on how it goes.


Back to Tuna Moon and we left her in Benodet whilst we were away, it was very strange to leave her, but the Capitainerie is a nice chap so we knew she was in good hands.


We hired a car for our return to the uk, and when we got back kept the car for an extra day so we could explore a little more around the area. Funny enough my parents had stayed very near to here on a holiday many years ago at Pont L’Abbe, so we went there and also to Loctudy and Ste Marine. This is a very beautiful part of Brittany with lots of white sandy beaches, it is almost deserted at this time of year. There are some off lying islands near here called Isles de Glenan, which look truly amazing, you can only visit in very calm weather, so we hope to be able to do that.


Getting back to the boat we have set about sorting out lots of jobs which need doing. We still have no Navtex, (weather information) so need to get this sorted, we keep getting very minor readings on our CO2 detector, which we are trying to get to the bottom of, our water tanks needs cleaning out, getting a really bad plastic taste, and the list goes on…..


The great search for an internet connection continues, and I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I bought a dongle from an Orange shop in Quimper for mobile broadband. Well it worked for 24 hours, and then it appears I have to take it back to Quimper to get myself identified. So back on the bus we went. The guys in the shop were horrified that English people had bought this and told us that we would never be able to understand it or be able to install it!!! (even though a colleague of theirs had sold it to us)  I then showed them that we had got it up and running but needed to identify ourselves. Apparently it now takes a further 48 hours before we can use it again! The voucher we got with it, giving us 30 euro further credit, needs to go back to the shop in Quimper again, when the manager is there, and of course, they could only tell us he was there for a few hours today, but after that they don’t know! This round trip by bus takes between 4-6 hours, by the time we have walked to the bus stop, and got on the scenic route bus! We feel like commuters!!!!


Our next destination is Concarneau which we are hoping to head for this weekend, weather permitting!

All for now,
Julie and Geoff