Julie and Geoff
Sat 28 Aug 2010 08:35

50:22.821n 003:35.385w
We moved off our mooring in Dartmouth on Sunday the 22nd August, up to a swinging mooring buoy in Dittisham. (No space in Dartmouth with the Regatta coming.) We spent a really frantic week trying to get all the last bits sorted out. Second anchor in position, more chain on board for our main anchor, and fitting lots of kit. It seems to have taken us forever to get sorted. We also put the last of our land possessions on e bay!!!
Then we had to provision the boat, so lots and lots of trips backwards and forwards in the mighty dinghy, trying to do everything at high water so we didn't have to lug our gear too far! Although had to wade in and out of the water each time! (That was just getting Geoff's beer on board!!!!)
We absolutely love Dittisham, it was the first place we came when we arrived in the area, and stayed for weeks instead of the intended days! This time it drove us a bit mad, as we had almost no phone reception and no internet! Perfect some might say, but not great when you are trying to source last bits for the boat, sell items etc etc.
Looking at the weather (terrible weather this week) the first window was now going to be Saturday morning, the 28th August to set off on the big adventure.