a productive day

Julie and Geoff
Sun 15 Aug 2010 21:10

We had a really good day today and got lots and lots done. The most notable thing was that I sent Geoff up the mask! A lot of you will say that I have been doing that for years!!!! Once I got him up there I hadn't thought about how to get him back down...so rather jerkily (if that's a word) I got him back down. He rather enjoyed being up there!
I also spliced my first bit of rope.....i must be a real sailor now?!
This week is going to be busy as we get ready for the final push to leave next Sunday/Monday.
Everything is for sale the car included!!! (that's Geoff's comfort blanket gone when that goes)
I am going to try and put some pics up shortly..
All for now,
Julie and Geoff